It is the desire of Stoa to promote professionalism and modesty in behavior and dress for NITOC. We have developed the following Dress Code for the National Invitational Tournament of Champions.


During competition and awards ceremony, students must dress in modest, professional business attire.

Professional business attire for Gentlemen

Suit, or slacks and blazer jacket. Collared shirt and tie. Professional dress shoes and socks.

Professional business attire for Ladies

Skirt suit or pant suit; or professional slacks, skirt or dress with a blazer jacket. Leggings and tights are not to be worn as pants. Dress/ skirt hemlines and slits should be no higher than the middle of the knee. Hose are not required. Business professional dress shoes.

Awards Ceremony

Students must attend the awards ceremony in full competition attire. Non-compliance with competition attire or decorum may result in students not being allowed to go on stage to accept awards.


If the competitor’s attire at any time during the tournament is deemed a violation of the dress code, the competitor will be asked to come into compliance with the dress code. A student will not be allowed to participate in competition or awards without compliance.

For additional guidance on dressing in a business professional manner, please view this article from or review the following:

What is business professional?

Business professional attire is a formal dress code common in more traditional workplace settings. Industries such as banking, accounting, government, finance and law typically require business professional dress in the workplace. Business professional clothing might also be appropriate for job fairs or networking events where you know the attire to be more formal.

Business professional attire for women

Women following a business professional dress code should wear pressed slacks, skirts or dresses, sharp button-down shirts or tidy blouses and blazers. No matter the look, solid, neutral colors such as black, gray and navy are best. Keep any accessories minimal, avoiding items such as chunky jewelry or oversized belts.

Depending on your outfit you might also decide to wear hose, especially if you’re wearing anything other than dress pants. You should also consider polished, closed-toe shoes with a maximum three-inch heel and a neat, professional hairstyle.

Here are several additional tips and options for women’s business professional attire:

Skirt or pant suits
A pantsuit is an excellent option for professional dress. Select a clean black or gray pantsuit or pencil skirt and blazer. The garments should be comfortable but fitted with skirts falling just below the knee.

Business professional shirts
Opt for a collared, button-down shirt with your pantsuit and blazer. Select a neutral color like white or blue. Button-down shirts always look professional but must be pressed. Wrinkle-free fabrics are a great option for a business professional office.

Business professional shoes
Whether you prefer flats, pumps or heels, choose a shoe that has a heel less than three inches. Black patent pumps or loafers are an enduring option. Pair your shoes with hose close to your skin tone when wearing a dress or skirt.

Professional women’s accessories
Select minimal jewelry such as stud earrings or a simple cuff. Your belt should ideally match your suit and blend in under your blazer.

Business professional attire for men

Business professional styles should include subdued, solid colors. A good example of professional dress is a dark-colored suit and tie with a light blue or white button-down shirt. Match your belt to the color of your oxfords or loafers.

Choose a conservative tie by avoiding overly bright colors or busy patterns. You might also invest in a few pairs of dark socks and a tidy hairstyle.

Here are several additional tips and options for men’s business professional attire:

Business professional suits
The perfect business professional suit is solid or pinstriped with plain or cuffed bottoms and notched lapels. When in doubt, choose a black or dark gray suit for year-round wear and a medium gray or deep blue for the summer. Avoid light-colored suits, however, as they’re more appropriate for social events such as weddings.

Business professional men’s shirts
Good shirt options include solid white or light-blue to medium-blue button-downs. Always consider your company’s dress code before trying to incorporate new elements you’re unsure about. No matter the shade, your business professional shirt should feature a French or barrel cuff to which you can add minimalist cuff links.

Business professional ties and accessories
Keep your tie simple. Solids are a great starting point, but classic, conservative patterns and stripes are also appropriate. Business professional shoes include loafers, oxfords, monk straps or classic cap-toed shoes in black, brown or burgundy.